imagine if there was a Halloween party at Hannibal’s house and Will brought all his dogs dressed as spiders and let them run around Hannibal’s house terrorising people while Will pissed himself laughing because Hannibal almost shit himself when he let them all into his house

… and nobody can tell what he is.




Hannibal’s owl head tilt in Savoureux requested by anonymous


Hannibal’s owl head tilt in Savoureux requested by anonymous

Have you ever been in love with a fellow actor?

Gemma Arterton: Yes, once. With Mads Mikkelsen, I admit it openly. We acted together in Clash of the Titans and I know him pretty well. He looks fantastic, especially in real life. But otherwise I’ve never given someone the eye at work because I was always in a relationship. [x]


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Hannibal Lecter meme [1/9 three-piece suits] - grey suit

— “Do you remember… our first night together? It feels like we’ve been unhappy ever since.”
— “I have been happy.”

Also, I felt a responsibility to Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal Lecter is not a Bryan Fuller character. It’s a Thomas Harris character, so I had to respect that I was raising somebody else’s child and not force my own ideals on them and let them be who they were intended to be by the person who created them. Does that make sense?” - Bryan Fuller

I gather you’ve substantially changed Hannibal’s origin story from Hannibal Rising?

Yes. It was always one that I was a bit frustrated with because there were certain promises that Thomas Harris gave his readers as to who Hannibal was or is and what he’s capable of, and then Hannibal Rising sort of rewrote that in a fashion. So we’re rewriting that again to more align it with those original statements of what kind of creature Hannibal Lecter is in Red Dragon.” - Bryan Fuller

"The Green Butchers" Screening, 03/06/2003

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Any SMUT is better than 50 Shades of Grey

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Like 60% of hannibal fanfiction is better than hannibal rising